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The Creepiest Places on Earth that Will Give You Goose Bumps

For some people, places that are extremely scary are very appealing. There isn’t a clear explanation about that, they just enjoy seeing something that causes fear and makes the adrenaline run through their veins.

Here’s a list with the creepiest places on earth:

The LaLaurie Mansion

Stories about serial killers are the worst that mankind has to offer and they also fascinate a lot of people. LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans left behind a creepy legacy. This is the place where, in the 19th century, wealthy socialite Delphine LaLaurie engaged in the brutal torture and murder of her slaves. It is said that hundreds of people died inside this house. Normally, it would get demolished, but this one is a prominent New Orleans landmark and at one point it was even purchased by actor Nicolas Cage.

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Vent Haven

Some say Vent Haven is a museum, but others call it a cemetery. The truth is that it is a bizarre mixture of both. This place is home to hundreds and hundreds of ventriloquist dolls and puppets and many people find them incredibly creepy.

Vent Haven is located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky and was founded by the ventriloquist William Shakespeare Berger. Since then, it has become a tradition for every ventriloquist who passes on to donate puppets to the museum.

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Willard Asylum

This building in Willard, New York is a 20-year abandoned construction that used to be an insane asylum. For most of its duration, this building was simply a place where people were locked up to die. Over half of the patients that were committed here died in the asylum, most of them being buried in the cemetery across the street in a nameless grave.

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Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans

Jazzland is an abandoned amusement park that was opened in 2000 and functioned well for five years until it was struck by Hurricane Katrina. After the tragic event, it was abandoned because the costs of repair became way to exorbitant to ever become profitable again.

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