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The Comeback of Titanic: Titanic II

An Australian company has plans for building a replica of the most famous cruise boat from all times. According to the recently presented project, Titanic II will be a ship equipped with all the modern utilities but it will stay faithful to the 20th century experience from the interior design to the lifestyle of the guests.

The Comeback of Titanic Titanic II 1

Titanic II is the dream of Clive Palmer, an Australian business man who is ready to bring to life the glow of the lush cruise ship built in 1912. A grandiose project, the first Titanic ship was at that time the largest cruise ship ever built. Operated by the White Star Line company, the ship never arrived to its destination, sinking from its very first journey after it hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Comeback of Titanic Titanic II 2

The Comeback of Titanic Titanic II 3

One century later, the Titanic II appears as a project as bold as the original one. The ship was projected by the Finnish based-architectural office Deltamarin, specialized in large naval constructions. The cruise boat has almost the same size, follows the shape of the Titanic built at Belfast and keeps the internal structure of the original craft. According to the Blue Star Line web, Titanic II features a main stair, a smoking lounge, Café Parisien, an A la Carte restaurant, reception areas, a pool and many Turkish baths.

In its modern version, Titanic II offers last generation navigation systems, efficient diesel engines and replaces the four flues (useless now) with the most luxurious cabins available in the touristic offers.  The boat’s hull is welded and not caught with rivets like in the original version, its dimensions being different in order to provide a bigger stability of the ship. There were also brought many changes for the passenger’s safety to avoid disasters like the one in the 20thcentury.

The Comeback of Titanic Titanic II 4

The construction will be made by the CSC Jingling naval Chinese construction site from China and if the project will work according to the plan, Titanic II should make its first trip to Southampton, New York in 2016.

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