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The Cheapest Hotel in the World

In city of Haikou, in China was built a hotel for people with limited financial possibilities. With only ten dollars anyone can get an accommodation (a small one) with TV, internet, air conditioning and a folding table.

The Cheapest Hotel in the World 3

In a country where all the hotels are very expensive, this seems to be the ideal solution! We’re not talking about the rooms, but about the cellular spaces, the size of a bed, where there’s room only to lie down on a clean litter. The entire hotel is spread over an area of 200 square meters and has 26 spots available.

The Cheapest Hotel in the World 2

Tourists benefit from two bathrooms and a small dining room. Of course, these spaces are designed with the same greed, but there’s nothing missing from the usual comfort, including the hot water. Built as an experiment, the hotel has enjoyed considerable success from the first day and was especially asked by the Chinese, and some foreign tourists with modest possibilities.

How do you feel about sleeping here for one night?

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