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The Best Culinary Destinations For 2015

If every time you plan a vacation, you take into account the important aspects for you, such as wine collections, good food and unique ingredients, then that means you have a very difficult mission. Because there are many local cuisines and culinary traditions all over the world, it seems almost impossible to plan only one vacation. But, there are really special destinations that are highly appreciated by culinary experts and leisure travelers.

Each year, Saveur magazine makes up a top of the excellent culinary destinations based on votes of a jury of experts, but also based on the opinions of readers. If you want to live memorable culinary experiences in 2015, then you should make reservations in five cities around the world.

The Best Culinary Destinations For 2015 2

The experts, a jury that includes journalists, writers, photographers and travel bloggers have chosen Hong Kong because it has a unique culinary culture and a special beauty. Hong Kong includes over 11,000 restaurants and it’s practically impossible not to find something on your taste. The Cantonese cuisine is the most famous one and you find it including in the only three Michelin star restaurant in Lung King Heen, where as a main dish you can enjoy baked goose with plum sauce.

And if you arrive in Hong Kong, you must try the shrimp dumplings, Sichuan style lobster with hollandaise sauce or the sweet bread with oyster sauce. Here you will also find seafood and fresh fish, especially in Lei Yue Mun, a fishing village on the periphery, where restaurants cook fresh fish on the spot.

If you like “street food”, in Hong Kong you will have a choice, as the outdoor stalls are on the streets offer bowls with noodles, spring rolls and hot soups.

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Saveur magazine readers have made a more classic choice. According to them, Paris is the culinary destination of the year. The City of Lights is a symbol of quality cuisine and here are some of the best chefs in the world: Alain Ducasse, Joël Robuchon, Alain Passard. What makes Paris a unique place of the culinary pleasure is its opening towards the innovation of classic dishes and the acceptance of new preparations. For example, at breakfast, you can enjoy American pancakes and granola (US grain mixture), and at Kitchen Galerie Bis you will be able to choose, as a main course, monkfish with plum sauce and lemongrass, and as a desert – coconut sorbet.

Paris accepts surprising dishes brought from all over the world, so you easily find a Moroccan restaurant the sells chicken tagine next to a “Boulangerie”.

Apart from the destinations worthy of occupying a spot on your list, experts also recommend Melbourne, Sao Paulo and Barcelona.

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