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The 180-Days-Cruise Around the World on the Insignia Yacht

Oceania Cruises launches the first cruise around the world, of the company, which will last for 180 days and will include five continents, 44 countries and 89 harbors.

The cruise that will be made aboard the Insignia yacht, will start from Miami, USA, on January 10, 2015, and will pass through small but very beautiful ports in the Caribbean, will continue to South America, then to east to 12 ports from Africa. The next destination will be Asia, the 684 guests joining the Oceania Cruises in this adventure having to pass through India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zeeland and through 12 harbors from the South Pacific and Hawaii. Finally, Insignia will return to Miami through the Panama Canal.

The 180-Days-Cruise Around the World on the Insignia Yacht 1

The tourists will cross three oceans and ten seas, will see 45 islands and will have the opportunity of visiting 47 destination included in the UNESCO patrimony.

The cruise includes eleven offers for one night accommodation and four for two nights in Cape Town, South Africa, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore and Shanghai, China.

Insignia, a medium-sized boat, includes a fitness center, a casino, a pool and a spa, and the onboard culinary specialties will be provided by the renowned chef Jacques Pépin.

Insignia is the first yacht that will sail through all the 24 time zones and will cross the Ecuador four times. The prices of the longest cruise around the world start from $39.999 a person.

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