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Tesco Expands “Virtual Stores” Concept in Korea

Tesco has introduced an innovative concept of shopping in South Korea. The idea of opening a hypermarket is very simple and easy to apply. When it entered the South Korean market, Tesco faced the strong competition of the local players. Given that the terrains are very expensive and the spaces for opening new hypermarkets are very few, Tesco, known in Korea under the brand name “Home Plus” came up with another idea, relying on technology.

Tesco Expands “Virtual Stores” Concept in Korea

With a minimal investment were printed several hundred of giant posters, which are showing the products sold in the hypermarket and are placed in subway stations and in other public areas. The success came instantly. The Koreans began to buy their products via mobile phone.

Those interested can scan the QR code from the products with their smartphone and thus, they find out more details, being able to add the product on their shopping list via a special application.

For a small fee, people receive their products at home. The result of the campaign was spectacular. The number of customers has increased by 76% and online sales by 130%.

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