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Tenzing Hillary – The Most Dangerous Airport in the World

As if the fact that is located at 2,860 meters altitude in the Himalayas wasn’t enough, the runway of the Tenzing Hillary airport in Lukla, Nepal is extremely short and ends with a chasm. This is the most dangerous airport in the world.

Considered to be the gateway to the Himalayas, Lukla airport is one of the busiest in Nepal, despite its sad reputation. Practically, all the climbers who dream of conquering the highest mountain in the world reach the Tenzing-Hillary and then begin their ascent. In fact, if we give credence to the brave who dared to come to Nepal intending to reach the top of Everest, landing on Lukla airport was even more frightening than climbing the snowy peaks.

Tenzing Hillary – The Most Dangerous Airport in the World 3

Because the airport is located at high altitude and the weather is not quite friendly, landing and taking off the Lukla airport is done with great difficulty. Even in a sunny day, planes and helicopters can land or take off from the 460 meters runway in several hours. That is because the strong winds and the thick fog are on a daily basis. Under these conditions, pilots must be real professionals and to keep their calm permanently. An error of one or two meters could have a dramatic end and the plane could end up being stuck in the mountains or could crash in the precipice at the end of the track.

Tenzing Hillary – The Most Dangerous Airport in the World 2

Lukla airport was built in the mountain by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1965, 12 years after he became the first man to conquer the Everest. On the 460 meters long and bumpy asphalt track, you will never see Boeings or Airbuses landing, but only small planes like the Twin otter or Dronier. Because it is located in the middle of the mountains, the weather conditions are mostly unfavorable and the track is not very good. That’s why at the Tenzing-Hillary the accidents involving casualties are numerous. However, this thing does not frighten those who want to conquer the Everest.

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