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Tempo House in Rio de Janeiro

Redesigning a house that already has a style is a difficult job. Gisele Taranto Arquitectura, however, did a lovely job on this colonial type house in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.

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The lush garden created the perfect ambiance for this modern house with a large outside swimming pool. Living areas convert into modern style terraces creating a perfect space for spending time with friends or simply relaxing. If the dinning room lacks any useless decorations, inviting to concentrate on nothing else then the table and those sitting around it, the study is crowded with a library.

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Antithesis seems to be the main concept of the house, not only talking about the different interior design styles of the rooms, but also when it comes to colors. For example, the spacious bedrooms are painted in warm and light colors but the furniture or the windows come in dark colors to create a contrast.

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