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Telepressure Is A Disease Associated With The Use Of Gadgets

American researchers say that the phone or tablet are killing us little by little, every day. They published a study that says that the use of these gadgets causes a disease known as ” Digitillnesses“, “text neck” or “telepressure“.

According to Kenneth Hansraj, the chief of surgery at the New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, the more we use our gadgets, the more our spine tilts in the front, and the health effects can be devastating.

“Loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine leads to incrementally increased stresses about the cervical spine,” wrote study author Kenneth K. Hansraj.

This study shows that people spend every day between 2 and 4 hours in this position, which means between 700 and 1400 hours of excess pressure on the spine.

Telepressure Is A Disease Associated With The Use Of Gadgets

However, Dr Hansraj advised that “individuals should make an effort to look at their phones with a neutral spine and avoid spending hours each day hunched over”.


“Technology should be a tool, not a burden or a health risk,” he told Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health 2012 annual conference.

“Whether children or adults are formally ‘addicted’ to screen technology or not, many of them overuse technology and have developed an unhealthy dependency on it.”

You can find out more about the “Telepressure” disease described in The Hournal of Occupational Health Psychology from here.

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