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Taku-Tanku – Portable Tiny House Designed by Stereotank

Taku-Tanku is a portable tiny house that can be towed by your bicycle. It was designed by the New York based team at Stereotank, who created it as part of a design competition.

It was built from two 3,000 liter water tanks, which means that this invention can even float. The two tanks are connected by a wooden ring through which Taku-Tanku can be accessed.

The 96-square foot trailer provides room for 2-3 people, a bed and a desk and features a secret compartment below that is great for storing luggage and also a set of solar-powered LED lights. Unfortunately, there is no bathroom or a kitchen inside the trailer because the space is limited, but you can always use the nature for your needs.

Taku-Tanku is still in the prototype phase but it is expected to sell for about $10,000.

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