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Sugarloaf Mountain – An Interesting Structure in Rio de Janeiro

Sugarloaf Mountain is an interesting formation in Rio de Janeiro, a peak that rises to 336 meters, already a symbolic image of the famous Brazilian city. The structure of the mountain is composed mostly of granite and quartz and its name comes from the resemblance with the sugar bread that people have found. The strange structure seems to be rising right from the waters around the city and, although in Rio de Janeiro there are several mountains of granite, this one became famous for its unique shape.

Sugarloaf Mountain Sugarloaf Mountain 2

The trips to Sugarloaf Mountain are famous among tourists from around the world, a glass cable car with a total capacity of 65 persons crossing a trail with a total length of 1400 meters, every 20 minutes. The line of the original cable car was built since 1912, which emphasizes the idea that people have been attracted to the Sugarloaf Mountain since ancient times. The system has been upgraded several times, so that all visitors can travel by cable car to the famous structure in safety conditions.

Sugarloaf Mountain 4

In your journey to Rio de Janeiro is possible to see many climbers conquering the unique structure. Sugarloaf Mountain with two other mountains in the area form one of the best urban climbing areas in the world. There are more than 270 trails, some easy, others more difficult, each putting to the test the limits of the participants.

The beauty of the Sugarloaf Mountain has attracted many film makers. Even James Bond shot a few frames at Sugarloaf Mountain, for the Moonraker movie.

Sugarloaf Mountain 5

Sugarloaf Mountain 3

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