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Spike Aerospace Will Build A Supersonic Private Jet With No Windows

The folks at Spike Aerospace have announced that they will launch a supersonic plane with no windows, which will offer the travelers the opportunity to view virtual projections – instead of windows, which could cover the inner walls of the aircraft.

Spike Aerospace  2

Outside the plane there will be cameras that will transmit live images, providing the passengers the experience of a journey above the clouds and beyond.

Not everyone feels good up there and there are others who think about the adrenaline given by jumping from the plane.

A Supersonic Private Jet With No Windows

The supersonic jet will be able to reach the speed of a Mach – 1.6 – 1.8. According to Spike Aerospace, a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, at this speed, will take only 5 hours, and a flight from New York to London only 3 hours.

The presentations of the future plane look good. It seems that the passengers will experience interactive displays, in addition to the dream images projected on the inside, which will allow rolling relaxing games or the preps for the next business meeting.

S-512 aircraft will cost approximately $80 million and will be ready in December 2018.

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