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Spectacular City Painted with Light – Vivid Sydney

Spectacular City Painted with Light – Vivid Sydney 8

Every year, for two weeks, Sydney passes through a complete transformation. Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and also the streets are covered in complex installations and shows of light. Sydney becomes the cultural capital of the southern hemisphere with the help of the concerts, inspirational conferences about creativity, modern art and many other subjects.

The first edition of Vivid Sydney took place in 2009, at the debut of winter in the southern hemisphere. In late May, early June, the festival started like a combination between the special architecture of the city and impressive choreographies of light projected on the most important buildings and landmarks.

Spectacular City Painted with Light – Vivid Sydney 2

The 2013 edition started on the 24th of May and will last for 13 days. Sydney Opera House, the symbol of the town is covered in animations projected by Spinifex group, an agency specialized in experimental media. ‘The street of lights” has the longest length of the four-year history of the festival, and the lights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge can be controlled even by the inhabitants or tourists through a tactile desk located nearby.

Another important attraction is the Museum of Contemporary Art on whose surface will be projected three dimensional multicolor projections and exhibitions dedicated to the event.



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