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SpaceX Dragon V2 Is A Revolutionary Space Shuttle

Many of us have seen the launching process of space shuttles by now, and many of us witnessed the huge explosions and the giant engines that are required to propel those massive aircraft into outer space. Many of us also wished for a cleaner, cheaper and more reliable way of getting to outer space, and finally, the answer is finally here in the form of the SpaceX Dragon V2 shuttle.

Boasting an amazing SuperDraco thruster that’s good for about 16,000 pounds of thrust, this shuttle would be capable of performing easy takeoffs and even easier landings, but what’s truly impressive is the fact that it could effortlessly dock with the International Space Station thanks to an array of high-end sensors called STORRM.

Since it is smaller, cheaper, more energy efficient and much more accurate in its landings compared to the conventional shuttles that we’re used to right now, the SpaceX Dragon V2 has everything it takes to represent the actual future of space flight and maybe the future of domestic transportation as well.

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