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“Solo Per Due” – A Restaurant for Two in Italy

If you’d like to take dinner out, just you and your lover, you should go to a restaurant because there is such a place that has only a table and two chairs, where you and your partner can be alone.

“Solo Per Due” – A Restaurant for Two in Italy 3

The restaurant is located in Vacone, Italy and is the most intimate restaurant in the world. It is named “Solo Per Due”, which means “only for two” and is a very attractive destination for tourists around the world, especially for lovers.

“Solo Per Due” – A Restaurant for Two in Italy 5

Only 1.500 persons per year are lucky enough to enjoy the intimacy offered by this restaurant in exchange of €250 a person. The idea, on which the restaurant is based on, consists in the fact that people enjoy intimacy and full attention of the chef and staff.

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