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Softbank Unveils Human-like Robot Pepper

The Japanese company SoftBank Mobile Corp is preparing the market launch of the first domestic robot. Pepper keeps you company, knows how to make you forget your problems and helps you in the kitchen and to clean your house.

Softbank Unveils Human-like Robot Pepper

Developed with experts from Aldebaran Robotics, the robot is able to talk to the user on the basis of special algorithms developed by a group of psychologists – “Emotion recognition software”.

This robot recites, dances, sings and it even tells jokes, carefully selected from the internet.

Pepper has two arms that generate human motions and its eyes are capable of reproducing various expressions, like those of humans.

What Pepper can’t do is to move like a human, that’s because it has no legs.

Pepper will arrive in stores in Japan at the price of 198,000 yen ($1931).


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