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Smoking Hides Many Unrevealed Dangerous Facts

Everybody knows that smoking is bad. But how bad is it if lots of people are starting smoking from small ages or are continuing smoking even if they are aware of all the disadvantages.

Smokers don’t like to be told how cigarettes are affecting their lives because they already know and if you’ll ask different smokers why they don’t quit they’ll have the same answers for you: “it’s a habit”, or “I keep my hands occupied”, or “because I sometimes get bored”, or simply “ I don’t want to”.

They are simply avoiding the idea of being threat by a lung disease, a cardiovascular disease, emphysema, leukemia, or ovarian/esophageal/pancreatic/kidney/colon/oral cancer but maybe they are not aware of other hidden facts.

If you are a smoker…

There’s a big chance that your future kids will smoke too. According to a recent study, the children of both current and former smokers, have bigger chances of catching the habit that the children of the non-smokers.

More nicotine than you think is entering your body

Smoking Hides Many Unrevealed Dangerous Facts 1

A recent study shows that the nicotine level in cigarettes went up 11 percent between 1997 and 2005. Take into account that the light cigarettes make you smoke even more, thing that makes the process even more dangerous.

You’re a real contributor to the poor global health

Even if in the US the authorities strive to keep the phenomenon from getting even bigger by providing public education about the ill effects of smoking and strictly forbidding smoking to children and teenagers, this thing does not happen in other countries where the tobacco companies make a lot of money. A study revealed that almost 80% of the world’s billion smokers live in poor and developing countries.

You’re wasting more than $350,000 in savings

If your cigarettes cost $8 a pack, then you’ll pay $2,922 a year only for your cigarettes. In comparison, if you invest that in a retirement account at age 30, you’d contribute an additional $358,602 to your portfolio by age 65.

Smoking is making you weaker

Smoking Hides Many Unrevealed Dangerous Facts 2

It’s really affecting your cardiovascular system, reduces blood circulation to your organs, your heart and your entire body, leading to weakening your potential.

You’re contributing to the expanse of the criminal networks

Napoleon Morales

If you didn’t know by now, 12 to 33% of the cigarettes sold globally are on the black market, this leading to the fact that your money goes straight into the pocket of organized crime.

You’ll catch even more viruses

Smoking Hides Many Unrevealed Dangerous Facts 4

Smoking attacks your natural defense mechanism. The chemicals in the tobacco cause inflammation and cell damage and can even weaken the immune system.

Smoking radiates your body and instead of smoking one pack a day you could get 72 dental x-rays or fly 106 hours.

You can get sick lots of other people

Have you ever heard about the thirdhand smoke? The secondhand smoke includes the passive smokers that happen to be near the smoker, while the thirdhand smoke describes the toxicants left behind on the surfaces long after the smoker has left the room.

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