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Smashing BMW 4 Series – The New Medium Class Coupe

The 4th generation of medium class coupe of BMW is presented under the name of “4”. The new model is bigger and has a few particular details in comparison with the 3 Series despite the fact that it borrows from it the technical platform and the design. The most powerful 4 offers 306 HP and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5,4 seconds.

Smashing BMW 4 Series – The New Medium Class Coupe 15

BMW decided to give up on the name of “3 Series Coupe” because they wanted to show the public the 4th generation of middle class Coupe. The new model impresses by custom design and by the distinctive dimensions from the current 3 series on which it is built.

Coupe 4 owns a very dynamic and typical silhouette for BMW, where the short consoles are offset by an elongated hood and a rear plunged engine. The front has elements of design from the 3 Series, but there are also some new esthetical details like the two air intakes “cut” behind the front wheels to reduce wind resistance. The bodywork of the new 4 is wider, longer and lower compared to the previous generation of the coupe, BMW announcing the lowest weigh center around the current range of models. Furthermore, the mass distribution is 50% on the rear axle and 50% on the front axle.

Smashing BMW 4 Series – The New Medium Class Coupe 7

As for the interior, the similarities with the 3 Series continue, and on the rear seat they chose contouring two individual places. The clients will have to choose between three equipment lines: Sport, Modern, Luxury and the M package option.

The engine range available includes three alternatives: a 184 hp diesel (420 d) and two petrol engines of 245 hp (428i) and 306 hp (435i). The standard transmission is performed through a 6-speed gearbox and the optional automatic transmission is offered with 8 reports. In addition, petrol engines can be ordered in combination with all-wheel drive system xDrive.

Smashing BMW 4 Series – The New Medium Class Coupe 4

The new coupe benefits from the EfficientDynamics package in order to guarantee consumptions reduced by up to 20% for all engines. On the list of innovations, compared to the old generation of 3 Series Coupe, there are also listed the BMW ConnectedDrive functions, especially the professional navigations system that offers an improved graphic and 3D elements. The 4 Series also includes a full color Head-Up Display, a complex warning system in case of imminent danger and lights with LED technology.

Smashing BMW 4 Series – The New Medium Class Coupe 16

THE 4 Series will be complemented by a convertible version that will be announced soon.

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