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Smallest Car in the World – Guinness World Records 2014

It’s very tiny and whoever gets to drive it must be very proud! This is because it’s the tiniest car in the world that can be driven on the roads.

Austin Coulson, an American from Phoenix, is the one who built and tested the car, which measures 64 centimeters in height and only 126 centimeters in length, being specially created for adventure enthusiasts – especially for teenagers. Even if its size is not very large, it competes with traditional models of cars, being endowed with headlights and wipers.

Smallest Car in the World – Guinness World Records 2014 1

When it comes to fueling the tank, Coulson says that the driver can go through about 36 km, before making another stop to the gas station. It must be said that the little car reaches a speed of only 40km/h and can be driven on roads with low speed regime.

At the urging of the loved ones, Austin Coulson thought to beat the world record previously set by a British and built the smallest car in the world. His dream came true after the committee that oversees the Guinness World Record awarded the invention with the grand prize. Even if the car passes the roads test, the American didn’t accept his model to enter the mass production.


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