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Simple Tips That Help You Beat Your Addictions

12 Dec 2014 by admin

Almost all people, with few exceptions, have addictions that they cannot escape, although they try, or at least they say they are trying.

Whether we’re talking about serious things, like the addiction to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, or about seemingly harmless things like the addiction to TV, sweets or mobile phone, all these impose us certain limitation in our everyday life, forcing us to limit our desires, losing our precious time and acting as an obstacles in the way of our health.

Giving up a vice is not that simple. The main ingredient that makes giving up addictions possible is will. Here are some simple tips that will make you become yourself all over again.

Food addictions

Most food addictions can be cured if the sensitivities and food allergies are treated. The healthy and free of addictions environment is created through detoxification, fasting and use of enzymes, but especially through the situational awareness by the individual. Dr. Ellen Cutler is one of the leading authorities in the field who has established a program based on enzymes meant to cure food allergies and sensitivities, with which she has obtained great results.

The program started by Ellen cures the food cravings with the help of a cleaning and detoxification process, the alkalinization of the body and the enzyme consumption and dietary supplements. Thus, after this process the body will regain balance by absorbing the nutrients and eliminating the unhealthy food cravings.

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Caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

Almost all people agree with the fact that addiction to smoking, alcohol or drugs can lead to death. But, the dependence of these serious addictions can be cured in the same way as the food addiction, namely, through the awareness of the problem and taking control over your own life. We can choose to be our own masters or we can choose to be dominated by our addictions. What do you choose?

We can call on professional help and learn to notice the elements that lead us to these addictions. Thus, next time when you’re almost ready to surrender the addiction, ask yourself if you really want to live that way and if that’s really who you are.

Replace this addiction with something that gives you pleasure, without that something to be harmful. Celebrate every time when you succeed and stop feeling guilty when you fail. Every time you have to start from scratch, being aware that every day is a new beginning.

TV addiction

According to statistics, people in the industrialized society watch too much TV. In most cases we follow the lives of others, instead of focusing on our own. We often tend to believe what media tells us, although we are constantly told that we can’t feel good if we don’t consume a certain product, that we don’t smell good if we don’t use a certain deodorant or that our skin and hair don’t look nice if we don’t use a particular product.

Reduce the time spent watching TV and win an important source of free time that you’ll be able to use in your favor.