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“Silky” Beverly Hills 9OH20, the Champagne of Mineral Waters

Beverly Hills 9OH20 is known as the “champagne” of bottled waters and is created by sommeliers in order to be sipped, smelled and tasted like a fine wine during an exclusivist dinner.

The pitch for the Beverly Hills 9OH20 mineral water borrows many elements from the alcoholic beverages area, especially wines, to promote “the tastiest water in the world”.

Extracted from the springs that penetrate the mountains of northern California, this premium water promises a unique gustatory experience, shaped around natural minerals contained. Combined into a formula from which results a 7.5 alkalinity, they make the water become “silky” and fresh.

All these characteristics recommend the Beverly Hills 9OH20 to be consumed next to the finest dishes and alcoholic beverages, according to the official presentation of the product with the wrapping shaped like a diamond, triple sealed to keep water fresh.

Beverly Hills 9OH20 is available in limited edition of 10.000 bottles, in restaurants, markets, shops and luxury hotels, and a bottle cots $14.

“Silky” Beverly Hills 9OH20, the Champagne of Mineral Waters 1

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