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Secluded Paradise Palais Namaskar

Secluded Paradise Palais Namaskar 1

Built in a secluded place, between Atlas Mountains and Djebilet Hills in Palmaraie, Maroc, Namaskar fully deserves its designation of the palace. The design represents a combination between the modern concept of comfort and the traditional Moorish luxury, stretched on a 5 ha surface.

Despite the aridity and the high temperatures, the North side of Africa is one of the favorite spots for tourism in the world. At only 60 km away from Kasbah Tamadot, owned by the eccentric Richard Branson, Palais Namaskar-the touristic dream of the business man Philippe Soulier was opened in 2012. A successful French entrepreneur, Soulier wants to enroll the Palais Namaskar on the list of the most elitist destinations in the world. After a 50 million euro investment, the hotel was placed from the start in the offer of Oetker Collection, a list of eight exclusive locations of which only two are located outside Europe. By appearing on the list, Namaskar joined some of the heaviest names like Bristol Paris, Baden-Baden or Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc which are true pieces of art.


First, Soulier bought a villa with an amazing view of the Atlas Mountains in an adjacent and tranquil area of Marrakech. He decided to share this experience with other people and asked the French-Algerian architect Imaad Rahmouni to design 41 other villas and apartments. The time he spent in the Orient, made the French businessman to get attached to the feng shui principles, which he used in landscaping, and by the four elements: air, fire, earth and water. The last one is plentiful used in the Palais Namaskar and almost one third of the 5 ha over which the resort stretches is covered on waterfalls, pools or lakes which are contributing to the relaxation of the guests.

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Imaad Rahmouni realized an ideal mix between the Moorish architecture and the occidental comfort. If all the public spaces wear a traditional mark, the interior of the 14 rooms, 15 apartments, 10 villas or of the two palaces are closer to the style of a Mediterranean hotel. As options of spending the spare time, the Namaskar Palace offers bicycle or camel rides and also balloon flights over Djebilet hills. The hotel also offers the possibility of traveling by helicopter over the desert or visiting the Jemaa El-Fna Square, a place on the UNESCO heritage list.

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