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Sao Miguel – The Greenest Island on Earth

Island of Sao Miguel is the largest and most populous island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The region is beautiful; the island occupies a total area of 760 square kilometers. Around 140,000 inhabitants enjoy every day the natural beauties of the island of Sao Miguel, and during the summer millions of tourists spend a dream holiday on the greenest island on Earth.

Sao Miguel – The Greenest Island on Earth 2

Sao Miguel Island is a unique juxtaposition of volcanic cones and craters; human settlements were established along the coastal plain. Different landforms form a single region, Sao Miguel Island being a mix of stunning lakes, sandy beaches, green hills and plains, all overlooking the sapphire waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The volcanic origins of the area can be easily observed because of the cones, craters and natural boiling water springs.

Sao Miguel – The Greenest Island on Earth 4

The best time to visit the island of Sao Miguel is between June and October when warm weather allows relaxation on the fine sands. Temperatures are not very high in summer, the high humidity being the element that prevents the formation of hot temperatures.

Sao Miguel – The Greenest Island on Earth 5

Ponta Delgada is the capital of the island, a small Portuguese city that impresses with its narrow and cobbled streets and with the beautiful historic center. The area is a magnet for tourists and due to chic cafes the restaurants and terraces in the area are overcrowded especially during sunny days. Ribeira Grande is the second largest city on the Island of Sao Miguel, known especially for the beaches suitable for practicing surfing. Ribeira Grande is also the best getaway to Lagoa de Fogo, a lake that was formed on a volcano.

Sao Miguel – The Greenest Island on Earth 2

On Sao Miguel Island there are some well-defined mountain trails. There are also organized short trips with small bats, moments when tourists can watch whales or dolphins. This island is the place where any tourist can enjoy a dream holiday, the diversity of the landforms allowing this fully.

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