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Samsung Smart Bike

After phones, tablets, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other electric items and appliances, South Koreans at Samsung have found a new business opportunity – bicycles.

Given that, according to statistics, the bicycle is the most unsafe mode of transport, the South Koreans have tried to find solutions to change this situation. This is how Samsung Smart Bike appeared, the result of a project developed by Samsung Maestros Academy. The bicycle, in prototype stage, was presented at the Milan Design Week.

Samsung Smart Bike 2

With an extremely light aluminum frame, Samsung Smart Bike integrates the latest technologies in communication and roadside assistance.

The bike has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, motion sensors, GPS and cameras that offer the user all the necessary information to reach the destination safely.

Among other things, the user can see on the screen installed on the handlebars all kinds of information, the route followed, the calories that were consumed, including pictures and interesting data of the tourist attractions en route.

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