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Researchers Develop Ghost-Free 3D For Viewers Not Wearing Glasses

The researchers from the University of California Santa Cruz have thought of the headache we often get when we watch a 3D movie because of the annoying glasses, and they came with an interesting solution. They could offer the moviegoers the possibility of watching a 3D movie without glasses. Normally, for every frame of the film are shown two images, one for the left eye and another one for the right eye. The solution chosen by the researchers at the American university involves displaying a third image for each frame.

Researchers Develop Ghost-Free 3D For Viewers Not Wearing Glasses 1

This third image is a negative image displayed for the right eye. It is not visible with the polarized or active glasses. When the viewer takes off his glasses, he sees just the image for the left eye, the other two being canceled. The solution seems to be great in theory. In practice, researchers have had to play with the brightness of each frame. The 2D image seen by viewers without glasses does not have enough contrast.

We do not know at this time if the tests were made with polarized glasses or with active glasses. Also, we do not know if technology will be implemented on a large scale. It would be better if the audience will be able to choose between 2D and 3D in the same cinema hall.

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