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Ray-Ban Launches $3,800 Aviators in 18-Karat Gold

8 May 2014 by admin

Sunglasses are a customary accessory, extremely cool, especially in summer. But now, the brand Ray-Ban converts the sunglasses into real jewelry, launching a series in limited edition of the legendary aviator sunglasses. Under the name of Solid Gold Aviators, they have frames made of solid 18-karat gold.

Ray-Ban Launches $3,800 Aviators in 18-Karat Gold 2

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses were originally conceived for the U.S. Air Force pilots and were launched in 1937. Pilots wore it for maximum protection against sunlight, in high altitude flights. Due to the maximum protection, but also because of their stylish design, the sunglasses quickly gained huge popularity that it retains even today, and began to be preferred by many people.

The series Solid Gold Aviators will contain only 12,000 pairs of sunglasses with gold frames and polarized crystal lenses. The price for a pair is around $3,200.