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Pure Adrenaline: “The Swing of Death”

Up the Bellavista mountain in Ecuador, at an altitude of 3.040 meters, is a tree where is found a small house that serves to seismic monitoring. The tree and the house are positioned at the edge of the rock, so, despite the fact that the view towards the Tungurahua volcano is unforgettable, when you look down you get kind of dizzy.Pure Adrenaline The Swing of Death 1

Because it was not dangerous enough, those who live here have built a swing for fun. The swing is suspended by the house, and when you swing you actually get off the cliff. It’s pure adrenaline when you realize that the earth is shifting beneath your feet.

The swing is like a bonus for those who dare to climb up here to admire the landscaping, and could receive the name of “swing of death” because of its degree of risk.

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