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Proven Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol For A Month

According to experts, people who give up alcohol for a month are more likely to reduce their level of cholesterol, to lose weight and improve the quality of their sleep, which means an additional chance for the liver to recover from too many excesses.

Thanks to journalist Andy Coghlan at the newspaper New Scientist, a new research has emerged and he convinced nine of his colleagues, whom he described as “normal” alcohol consumers, to quit drinking, while other four were convinced to continue to drink in a controlled manner. As a result, the volunteers who gave up alcohol for five weeks have lost weight, and the level of cholesterol was reduced by 5 percent, while the blood glucose level decreased by almost a quarter, which indicated an improved physical condition.

Proven Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol For A Month

All the participants in the study were subjected to blood tests both at the beginning and at the end of the research. According to the doctors at the Royal Free Hospital in London, as a result of the liver tests that measure the fat level, this decreased by 15 percent, which means that the liver improved its activity. Moreover, the volunteers had a better sleep and their activity at work was improved.

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