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Pros And Cons Frozen Vegetables And Fruits

They are cheap, easy to make and always at hand. Moreover, some studies show that they have more nutrients than fresh vegetables. However, many people avoid consuming frozen vegetables.

Food and Drug Administration published a study in 1998, stating that the frozen vegetables would be healthier simply because the freezing process makes it so as not to lose nutrients that would be lost in during transport to the time of sale, in case of fresh vegetables.

Pros And Cons Frozen Vegetables And Fruits

Even the most ardent supporters of the cause of fresh vegetables agree that frozen vegetables are a healthy option.

The rejection of this product may be caused by the fact that many see it as a processed and unhealthy product. And the price has an important role. Generally, people associate the higher price with higher quality, and as the frozen vegetables have lower price, the reaction is obvious.

Recently, a study conducted by the University of Chester in collaboration with Leatherhead Food Research has shown that in two of three cases, frozen vegetables and fruits have more antioxidants and nutrients, compared to fresh products.

So, the problem of the vegetables would be more related to image.

Pros And Cons Frozen Vegetables And Fruits 2

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