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PhotoMath Is The Application That Solves Equations For You

Students could have a much easier life due to the new app for smartphone. PhotoMath is a smart application that uses text recognition technology to help users solve simple math equations.

This app is promoted as an “intelligent computer camera” and works like those that scan barcodes and then open a link in browser. With the help of a smartphone’s camera PhotoMath scans the equation from a textbook and then displays the solution.

PhotoMath Is The Application That Solves Equations For You

Users may consider themselves pretty lucky, because PhotoMath can also explain how the exercise was solved. The application can also solve arithmetic operations, fractions, simple linear equations and radicals.

The app was created by the Croatian company MicroBlink, who said that PhotoMath was not intended for education but to be used “in places where the mobile applications must be connected to the real world through text recognition”.

“We’ve had a million visits to our website and more than 110,000 downloads yesterday, and the traffic seems to be growing. As far as financing goes, we haven’t taken any outside investments yet, but we’re looking at that possibility as well,” MicroBlink’s CEO Damir Sabol said.

PhotoPay is also an app released by MicroBlink that permits users to pay their bills just by scanning them with the smartphone’s camera. The revolutionary app is available for iOS devices and for Windows. PhotoPay for Android will appear in 2015.


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