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Phosphorescent Ice Cream – Pricey Halloween Leftover

The Halloween has passed, but the bizarre creations remain and the phosphorescent ice cream is one of them. The strange desert that shines in the dark is not cheap because a cup costs 140 pounds.

Phosphorescent Ice Cream – Pricey Halloween Leftover 1

The ice cream is the creation of the entrepreneur Charlie Francis from Bristol, England and its green color is given by a synthetic version of the protein that makes the jellyfish glow.

The British developed the product after doing research on marine creatures, and managed to convince a team of experts in China to develop the synthetic protein.

‘It is incredible stuff but still at very early days in terms of production,’ Mr Francis said. ‘The protein we are using in the ice cream reacts with your tongue at neutral pH. ‘So as your mouth warms up the protein it will raise the pH level and the ice cream will glow.’, he explained.

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