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Phoneblocks – Customizable Modular Smartphone

How would you feel about having the possibility of upgrading your own cell phone, without having to replace it? This is the innovative idea behind Dave Hakkens Phoneblocks. Everyday millions of electronic devices are thrown away, mostly because one of their components stops working.

Phoneblocks – Customizable Modular Smartphone 4

The Phoneblocks is a customizable modular smartphone, created from blocks connected to the base, with the users choosing which components they need most, a bigger storage block, a bigger battery block, more memory and so on.  You now have the possibility of choosing the blocks you want, upgrade the blocks you want or develop your own bocks.

Phoneblocks – Customizable Modular Smartphone 3

Phoneblocks is now in concept stage, the concept is on crowd-speaking platform Thunderclap hoping to get the support to move ahead with production.


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