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Pedestrian Bridge on Mount Titlis Suspended at the Highest Altitude in Europe

9 Jan 2014 by admin

The pedestrian bridge on Mount Titlis leads the rankings of suspension bridges in Europe in terms of altitude at which they are placed.

Situated at a height of nearly 3,000 meters, the bridge, which has a length of 98 meters and a width of only one meter, is not recommended for those who are afraid of heights. For the mountain enthusiasts the view is spectacular.  The bridge is suspended nearly 500 meters above the Titlis glacier, and on clear days, you can even see Italy, Germany or Austria.

Rider:  Location: Engelberg

The construction of the bridge has proven to be problematic because of the bad weather and the difficulty of transporting the materials. “It took almost five months. We had to climb all the materials up to 3,000 meters. Most times, we used the cable car, but in some cases it was needed a helicopter to bring them safely. Then it was the weather. Here on Mount Titlis it snows even on summer. On several occasions, workers have lost precious time to remove the snow before they could work”, says Peter Reinle, responsible for the construction.

Rider: Location: Engelberg

The bridge cost about 1.2 million Euros and was built to mark the centenary of the Engelberg-Gerschnial cable car, inaugurated in 1913. The construction is designed to withstand winds of over 190 km/h and can support up to 450 tons of snow.