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Parkroyal Hotel – Singapore’s Surreal Sky Gardens and Greenery-Wrapped Towers

In Singapore there is a hotel, called Parkroyal, which stands out through its abundant greenery. It seems that the hotel was built in the middle of a botanical garden. It is a symbol of nature and technology, each one of the 10 floors being decorated with lots of green plants. They not only have aesthetic role, but absorb the tropical heat of the city acting as a natural cooler.

Parkroyal Hote 4

The irrigation system for plants does not use the city water, but the water from the hotel’s own tanks. The rain water is collected here and is then used for the plants because they need a certain percentage of hydration.

Parkroyal Hote 5

This ecological idea has brought the hotel the award “Green Mark Platinum”. In addition, there are also light sensors, natural cooling system in the hotel, solar panels and many other utilities that help conserve the resources.

In addition to the 357 rooms, the guests of this hotel can enjoy 15,000 square feet of natural gardens, a pool, a spa, a gym and many other facilities.

Parkroyal Hote 8

Parkroyal Hote 7

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