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Palmerston Island – An Almost Isolated Perfect Island Paradise

Palmerston Island is a tiny Pacific island, located at about 3,200 km from New Zealand. There aren’t many people who dare to visit it because the journey is very long and hazardous, plus the island has no airport, reason why it is visited only by a supply ship twice a year.

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Palmerston Island is famous because it is a perfect island paradise, being made up of a number of sandy islets on a continuous ring of coral reef enclosing a lagoon, but also due to its unique history.

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Captain Cook was the first person to set foot on Palmerston, although he has discovered it three years earlier on another trip and named it after Henry Temple, 2nd Viscount Palmerston, then Lord of the Admiralty. Today, Palmerston has 62 inhabitants.

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Life on this island is very simple because here are no shops, just two toilets, the rainwater being collected for drinking water and the money being used only to buy supplies from the outside world and not from each other. Electricity runs from 6 am to 12 pm each day and again at night, and a telephone station provides the only permanent connection to the outside world.

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