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Oktoberfest – The International Celebration of Entertainment

Every nation has its traditions, customs and its parties, but really amazing is the fact that some of them have become famous throughout the world. Oktoberfest (“October Feast”) is one of the largest popular festivals around the world that occurred for the first time in Munich and was later taken over by almost all continents. Today, Oktoberfest is celebrated around the world, being a festival characterized by much joy and good will.

Oktoberfest - The International Celebration of Entertainment

The history of Oktoberfest Festival is long; the idea of partying this way came from a Bavarian officer, who proposed that on October 17, 1810 to take place a beautiful racehorse. The event was to celebrate the Prince Louis I of Bavaria and Princess Therese von Hildburghausen, who were getting married. The princess was the one who called the celebration Oktoberfest and from year to year the festival became famous worldwide.

In time, the city officials took care of organizing the annual festival when the participants were enjoying bowling parties, artistic moments, horse racing and more. Oktoberfest would not have had the same charm without beer. Every festival debuts with a parade of the participating companies, who transport their barrels of beer in horse-drawn carts. Later, in 1885 appeared the first classic menus, half chicken or duck served with Munich pretzel. 1892 marks a milestone in the history of Oktoberfest; the first glass beer mug appears and becomes the most sought souvenir at Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest - The International Celebration of Entertainment 5

The Bavarian festival is celebrated today throughout Germany, but the popularity of the event has spread to other continents as well. There are festivals of the same name in the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Australia and even in Thailand. Although it is not identically celebrated, Oktoberfest has a unique charm, being characterized by joy, relaxation and fun. The parades, the music and the dance make the participants feel good. Oktoberfest usually lasts for a few days and nights, the event ending at dawn.

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Oktoberfest can be considered the festival of records because even the figures show that it is popular worldwide. The statistics in Munich show that 30% of the annual production of beer is consumed at Oktoberfest and 1901 is the year of records when a man consumed 10 pins of beer per liter.



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