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New Interface for the Google Play Virtual Store

16 Jul 2013 by admin

Announced in May during the Google I-O event, the new Google Play interface is now official. Based on the same design with rectangular selections already observed in the application Google Play 4.0+ for devices with Android system, the new interface brings a breath of freshness in all major sections: Play Movies, Music, Books, Magazines and applications.

New Interface for the Google Play Virtual Store 1

Compared with the old interface, the new one offers the benefits of an effective management on the available space on the screen, automatically changing the arrangement of the interface elements depending on the size of the display.

The sections of the virtual store can be visited by accessing the navigation panel in the left corner of the screen. Each section has its own navigation panel, where we can find relevant links (for ex: “My Apps” and “Shop”). To quickly reach another section of the Google Play store, all we have to do is to use the white bar from the left of the navigation panel, highlighted with an arrow.

New Interface for the Google Play Virtual Store 2

The Apps section of the Google Play store welcomes us with a list of rectangular selections, describing the available applications. Behind every selection, there are presentation pages with images and description of the selected application, comments left by other users, links to similar applications and a “What’s New” section, where there are presented the novelties brought by each new released version.

New Interface for the Google Play Virtual Store 3

Alternatively, the activation of the green link containing the price of the application or the word FREE, takes us directly to the installer menu, from where we choose the device for which we want to install the application.

New Interface for the Google Play Virtual Store 4

The Google Play interface has also a couple of omissions, for example, we can no longer uninstall application from the web interface of the virtual store and we can’t see what applications are installed on each individual device.