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Nanatsuboshi – Japan’s Super Luxury Train

Nanatsuboshi is the new seven star super-luxury train in Japan that will take you cruising through the island of Kyushu. It will offer its guests the luxury of a lounge car with a piano and a bar, top-end dining and 14 private suites. If you want to travel around the rural southern island of Kyushu, on a four-day, three-night itinerary, you will have to pay the amount of $11,400 per couple. Take into account, though, that the train is already fully booked until June 2014.

Nanatsuboshi - Japan’s Super Luxury Train 10

During the cruise through the island of Kyushu, tourists will be offered great views, delicious dishes, information about the traditional culture, train travel and many other wonderful things.

The first cruise in Japan promises to offer its passengers a completely new travel experience.

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