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Most Famous Vintage Shops in Paris

Are you looking for a place where fashion has kept intact its charm over the time? Then it’s time to buy a ticket to Paris and do some shopping in the vintage stores here.

Paris is one of the most famous fashion capitals of the world, with a great story of design and creations distinguished by a special elegance. You can find remains of the past Paris in its fantastic vintage shops, where are the creations of famous designers and accessories from the past century.

Free P Star is one of the most popular vintage chain stores in Paris and is famous for the people that always stay in line to shop here. There are reasons why this store is so popular, one of them being the prices that they practice daily. Here you will find everything from military clothing to glamour clothing specific to the heyday of jazz. It’s open until late, which is an advantage if you’re looking for a dress for a last minute party.

Most Famous Vintage Shops in Paris


This vintage boutique offers not only beautiful clothes in perfect condition but it also has a bar full of sweets to adjust your blood sugar level for all the shopping you will do. Goldymama sells the famous skirts with poodle prints from the ‘50s, dresses from the ‘60s and accessories from the last century to complete an exceptional look.

Most Famous Vintage Shops in Paris 2

Rose Bunker

Full to the brim of vintage treasures, Rose Bunker is a place that is worth visiting once in Paris. Here you will find not only unique clothes, but also jewelry and home decorations. If you want a vintage phone or a lava lamp, this is the ideal place. Be sure that you will always find here something special that you can take home as a souvenir from Paris.

Most Famous Vintage Shops in Paris 3

Vintage Bar

Considered to be the best vintage store in Paris, for jewelry, in Vintage Bar you find a superb collection of shoes, handbags and other accessories. If you’re ready to try a vintage look, you will find here at least one piece of resistance to complement your contemporary outfit. You will easily spend most of the afternoon exploring the treasures of vintage shops in Paris.

Most Famous Vintage Shops in Paris 4

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