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Most Expensive Bluetooth Headsets

Headsets are always very useful, first of all, because you can listen to your favorite music without disturbing others, and second of all, because you can use your hands for any other activity you like while enjoying beautiful sounds.  It also allows the user to enjoy a conversation from a distance, while working, cooking or just walking in the park.

These pieces can be more expensive compared to their cabled counterparts. Here are some of the costliest ones.

Black and Gold Mother of Pearl, Mobiado, Bluetooth Headset

Mobiado introduces its first Bluetooth headset m|Headset

The device is made from anodized aluminum and includes a combination of Sapphire crystals and mother of pearl. It was also tuned and manufactured to provide high quality sound.

The Mobiado Bluetooth headset comes in two tones at the price of $360.

The M 450 travel from Sennheiser

Most Expensive Bluetooth Headsets 2

The strength of this device, priced at $450, is its compactness. It is foldable and features a crystal clear sound that will pamper your ears. A2DP provides a stereo profile that makes listening a pleasure. The headset also includes a built-in volume control, and its source of power is a USB chargeable Li-polymer battery.

Amosu Diamond MotoPure H12

Most Expensive Bluetooth Headsets 3

It was designed by Amouso Luxury Ltd, based in the United Kingdom. This Bluetooth headset is the most expensive of all, being based on Motorola’s standard H12 headset.

The earphone is equipped with three interchangeable eat cushions made from premium materials.

The Diamond H12 includes an 18 carat gold front face, either yellow or white. The golden setting is encrusted with 184 diamonds that weigh up to 3.47 carats. The customer can also choose from pink, black or white diamonds.

This extravagant Bluetooth headset limited edition is offered at the price of $12,000 USD.

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