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Most Bizarre Places on Earth

13 Nov 2013 by admin

The Gate of Hell, Turkmenistan

Most Bizarre Places on Earth 1

Derweze is a small village located in the middle of the Karakum desert, an area rich in natural gases in northern Turkmenistan. It is also the place of the so-called Doors or Gates of Hell, a crater that burns like a torch day and night and whose flames can easily be seen from miles away. It’s not a creation of the nature, but an accident caused by people during the mineral exploration. In 1971, the drilling operations have caused a collapse of caverns, leading to the creation of a crater with a diameter of 60 meters and a depth of 20 meters. The probe was burned to remove toxic gases, but it burns without interruption ever since.

Bleeding Hot Spring, Japan

Most Bizarre Places on Earth 2

This spring is located in Beppu, Japan and is more for being watched then for bathing. This is because the water can reach the temperature of 78 degrees Celsius. In addition, because of the large quantity of iron, the water has a reddish color. It is also called the Devil’s spring or the Hell’s spring.

Afar Depression, Ethiopia

Most Bizarre Places on Earth 3

It is the place on Earth with the worst living conditions. The maximum temperatures can reach 62 degrees Celsius, while the average annual temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. In addition, it does not rain for the most part of the year. The inhabitants, the members of the afar tribe, are extracting the salt left behind by the waters of the Red Sea, which flooded this land many years ago. Afar Depression floor is made of lava and this is because some of the most active volcanoes on Earth are here: Dabbahu and Erta Ale.

The Fort Zverev, Russia

Most Bizarre Places on Earth 4

It was built by the engineer Constantin Zverev in the 1870s. It was the pride of the Russian army. Now it’s just a ruin with an incredible story. Used for the storage of napalm, the fort went through a terrible fire in 1970. Then, the napalm was lit, the temperature rose to 2,000 degrees, which made the material from which was built the ceiling of the fort (brick) to melt. What resulted was a kind of artificial cave with “stalactites” made of red brick.

Mammoth Hot Springs, United States

Most Bizarre Places on Earth 5

Mammoth Hot Springs is a complex of hot springs and pools, located on a hill of travertine in Yellowstone National Park. The algae in these waters have colored the travertine in green, red, yellow, orange or brown, which is why tourists are flocking to come to Mammoth and take photographs. In addition, the terraces here are the largest carbon deposits in the world.

Namaskaro Pass, Iceland

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It is located north of Lake Myvatn and has the hottest thermal water in the country and crosses Námafjall Mountain at an altitude of 410 meters. Those who arrive here are shocked by the lack of vegetation, and they have plenty to see: a lot of volcanic smoke furnaces, mud “pools” and mud volcanoes.