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Most Beautiful American Waterfalls

Let’s discover together why it is worth to make a trip to the United States and why is a must not to be limited to the big cities or malls.

 Havasu Falls, Arizona

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 1

It is located in the Indiana Havasupai Reservation, which in its turn is part of the Grand Canyon. It has a waterfall of 37 meters, which ends in a “wide” “pool”.

Lower Falls, Wyoming

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 2

It is the attraction of National Park Yellowstone. It was dug by the Yellowstone River and has a waterfall of 93 meters.

Bridal Veil, California

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 3

The Americans have a waterfall called “Bridal Veil”, which is located in the National Park Yosemite, California. It’s one of the most imposing American waterfalls and has a height of 188 meters. It is said that if you pass through the water vapors formed at the bases of the waterfall, you might get married that year.

Multnomah Waterfall, Oregon

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 4

It is one of the most spectacular and most photographed waterfalls in the United States. Its beauty is enhanced by the “Benson” bridge, which was named after the architect who built it in 1914.

Alamere Falls, California

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 5

It is one of the fewest waterfalls that flows directly into the ocean, in this case in the Pacific Ocean.

Grand Waterfall, Arizona

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 6

It is located in the Navajo Indian Reservation, 48,3 km northeast of the Flaggstaf city. It is also called the “Chocolate Waterfall” because of the chocolate color that it has during summer. The waterfall has a height of 56 meters.

Amicalola Falls, Georgia

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 7

It is the highest waterfall in Georgia (222 meters) and is considered one of the 7 natural wonders of this American state.

Niagara Falls

Most Beautiful American Waterfalls 8

The waterfall, which was formed on the Niagara River and flows between the United States and Canada from the Erie Lake to Ontario Lake, is considered to be the natural miracle of the American continent. It consists of three waterfalls located on the border between the North American state New York and the Canadian province Ontario. On the North American side, the waterfall has a width of 363 meters and the waters fall from a height of 21 meters. On the Canadian side, the waterfall has a width of 792 meters (horseshoe-shaped), the height of the water fall being 51 meters.

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