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Modern Babies Love the New Skoda Stroller

Skoda launched vRS Mega Man, which can be easily integrated into the list of the coolest strollers in the world, for fathers who tend to walk their children. Basically, Mega Man can be considered an all-road stroller, measuring 2 meters tall.

Modern Babies Love the New Skoda Stroller 9

It has rear view mirrors, hydraulic suspensions, 20-inch alloy wheels, a headlamp and antistress handles. No doubt that the Czechs from Skoda trusted their engineers in conceiving this unique stroller.

The idea came to them after a study showed that a third of British fathers feel embarrassed by the idea of pushing a standard stroller. Thus, Skoda has made a sport stroller, designed to increase men the doze of masculinity while walking their babies, and manufacturers expect fathers to seek all sorts of excuses to get out with the kids in the park once they buy the vRs Mega Man model.

Modern Babies Love the New Skoda Stroller 8

Unfortunately, the new stroller won’t be walking on the alley very soon because is a prototype created by Skoda to promote the new car “Skoda Octavia vRS”. If the concept will enter the production line at Skoda, its price is expected to be very high – up to $13,000. However, Czech producers are considering the idea of offering the stroller from the advertising, as a prize during a contest that will be announced in the near future.

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