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MINI’s Vision: The Concept of Today, the Car of Tomorrow

29 Jul 2013 by admin

During the event MINI Design@Home, MINI’s chief-designer Andres Warming, presented a concept that could foreshadow the future MINI.

We do not know what percentage of what you see in the pictures will become reality but some of the elements of the Vision concept will find their place in the next British compact.

MINI’s Vision The Concept of Today, the Car of Tomorrow 2

The exterior design refreshes a little bit the aesthetics of the current models, rounding it a bit more and also bringing details that outline even more the MINI heritage. Design plays an important role in aerodynamics – meaning that the slots in the front wings and the front bumper have also a practical role, together with the wheels and the roof, which are designed not to hinder too much the air in front of the car.

MINI’s Vision The Concept of Today, the Car of Tomorrow 6

 Inside, the situation is more dramatic than is actually presented, although we would like to see as many flashing lights in the future MINI. Following the idea of inter-connectivity, MINI Vision comes with Driving Experience Control, software that, through its two modes, transforms the car either, into a tiny Zen garden, or into a utensil that operates the road. We’re still referring to the lights playing in your board. While we’re still reluctant about them and the “Disco” floor, we are enjoying the ingenuity with witch MINI Vision combined design with the door practicality- the flag of the United Kingdom is represented by elastic bands, perfect for holding the magazines, water bottles and other stuff that you are used to abandon in the pocket door. In addition, we have good news for those who never liked Mickey Mouse: he’s no longer inside now.

MINI’s Vision The Concept of Today, the Car of Tomorrow 1

In terms of technology, Vision concept escapes the kilogram by using a composite created from several pressing fibers called “organo-metal”. The border around the full-LED headlamps will be lighted, playing the role of the daytime running lights.