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Metaio’s Thermal Touch Technology Turns Everything into a Touchscreen

A German company plans a real revolution in technology. It works on a device called “Thermal Touch”, which promises to turn the world into a virtual space, in which information will be available at one click.

The technology developed by Metaio is based on thermal footprint that we leave on any object we touch.

Metaio’s Thermal Touch Technology

With glasses like Google Glass or other devices equipped with a special thermal camera, we will be able to see objects in from of us in the form of holograms.

When we will touch them, an interface similar to that of the computer will be activated and we will be able to select different options.

“In the last two years, we’ve seen that head-worn devices are coming to the marketplace,” said Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO and co-founder of Metaio.  “What has been unsolved, though, is how are we interacting with these head worn devices.  This is why Metaio has invented the Thermal Touch technology, which makes any physical object around you a touchable object.”

Thermal Touch technology is still under development, experts at Metaio estimating that their product will hit the market in no less than five years.

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