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Mendenhall – The Land of Ice

Ice world is truly fascinating, and this is evidenced through the existence of Mendenhall Glacier, an area located in the south-eastern part of the United States of America, in Alaska. This beautiful area was discovered in the early nineteenth century and since 1950 experts have continuously monitored the temperatures and the ice. Temperatures are constantly growing, and experts say that this frozen paradise might disappear if Mendenhall will not be protected by modern equipment to ensure the optimal level of ice.

Mendenhall - The Land of Ice

Today, Mendenhall Glacier can be visited and admired in all its glory, especially because the area includes numerous structures of unique beauty. Mendenhall is not a glacier in the proper sense of the word, but it can be classified rather as a set that includes a permanently frozen lake. The lake started to form since 1931, and from then until today it has been constantly expanding. The lake has a unique ecosystem, being the perfect place for those who practice fishing. Salmon and trout are found in abundance in the frozen waters of the lake. In recent years, stumps, roots and pieces of tree bark can be spotted on the bottom of the water, which confirms that Mendenhall Lake was once unfrozen.


Perhaps the most beautiful structures in Mendenhall are the ice caves, true masterpieces that only nature could create. The access to the cave is allowed only during the cold season because in the summer the ice becomes thinner and it can fall over the tourists at any moment. The spectacular shade of blue inside the cave has sparked the interest of many tourists, although the route to Mendenhall is costly and difficult. To reach the caves you must call for the help of the specialized personnel in the area, this is because there are trails that lead you to these special structures.

Mendenhall - The Land of Ice 3

Mendenhall - The Land of Ice 2

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