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Maui Island – A Perfect Summer Vacation Destination

Maui Island covers an area of 1883 km and is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. This great land was discovered hundreds of years ago by Portuguese navigators and from then until today, millions of people throughout the world have enjoyed its beauty.

Maui Island – A Perfect Summer Vacation Destination 2

Maui’s diverse landscapes make this area a unique territory, these being the result of the mix of geology, topography and climate. Each volcanic cone in the Hawaiian Islands is made up of black stones, which have poured lava in thousands of holes, a long process that lasted for millions of years. It seems that this is the mechanism of formation of Maui Island, a complex process that remains quite mysterious. The last volcanic eruptions occurred around 1790, but the volcanic activity exists today and a new eruption may occur at any time, although there is no warning in this regard.

Maui Island – A Perfect Summer Vacation Destination 3

Today, the Maui Island is a very well developed place in terms of tourism, being that kind of holiday destination that provides guests all the comforts and amenities. On this island are plenty of accommodations, hotels and luxury complexes, which focus their attention on their guests. The relaxing massages, sauna, Jacuzzi and huge pools are among the most popular leisure activities. Maui Island is easily accessible due to the transport network, highways that facilitate access, winding through the black sand beaches and through mountains covered by lush forests.

Maui Island – A Perfect Summer Vacation Destination 4

Water sports are very popular on Maui Island, snorkeling and surfing being the most appreciated by tourists. Those who are not extreme sports enthusiasts can relax on the outstanding beaches, on a comfortable lounger with a refreshing fruit cocktail.

Maui Island – A Perfect Summer Vacation Destination 5

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