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Masikryong – Kim Jong-un’s Ski Resort Is A Huge Complex Avoided By Tourists

10 Nov 2014 by admin

The first ski resort in North Korea was built for the Kim Jong-un‘s country to be visited by thousands of foreign tourists. This huge complex has everything needed for the comfort of tourists, but, for now, there’s no snow and there are no tourists.

This ski resort is called Masikryong and was opened in early 2014 with a simple plan that included the fact that will be visited by 5,000 tourists every day and between 200,000 and 1 million visitors annually by 2016.

Kim Jong-un's Ski Resort Is A Huge Complex

The only destination for skiers in North Korea is located on top of the Taehwa mountain and it includes a hotel with wooden chalet style rooms, spa facilities and 110 km of multileveled slopes. The cost of the complex is estimated at 25.5 million Euros. The Dome Cafe at the ski resort is decorated with a green floor with artificial grass and wicker chairs, where skiers can take a break to enjoy a hot drink.

Kim Jong-un's Ski Resort Is A Huge Complex  2

The hotel also includes hairdressers for men and women, for the visitors to get the feeling that they’re at home.

In late 2013, Kim Jong-un went there and inspected the place and he was satisfied by the fact that everything was flawless. The news agency of North Korea presented the slopes as “a wonderful monumental structure”.