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Maserati LaMaserati – A Concept Escaped from the Inferno of the Designers

25 Feb 2014 by admin

If Dante were a car designer, Maserati LaMaserati would have been the main character in the Inferno. Even so, the study design came to light thanks to the work and imagination of Mark Hostler, student at Staffordshire University, Department of Transportation Design.

Maserati LaMaserati 2

The story of Maserati LaMaserati starts from Maserati MC12, a model as real as possible based on the Ferrari Enzo, produced in only 55 copies between 2004 and 2005. The goal consisted in the participation of the Italian manufacturer at the FIA GT championship.

Maserati LaMaserati 3

For art’s sake, Mark was inspired by Ferrari only related to the name of his concept. LaMaserati concept focuses on an aggressive look with strong futuristic tints, LED headlights and side mirrors with arms that descend from the ceiling to the windshield.

Maserati LaMaserati

If the Italian manufacturer will ever built such a car, the designer recommends the exclusion of the KERS system implemented on LaFerrari, but the power gap will be completed with a 6.3-liter V12 engine. The power delivered is not mentioned, so any speculation is welcome.

Maserati LaMaserati 4