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Marvelous Crystal Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland

Iceland is a small country with plenty of must-see natural phenomena. If you’ve already visited the Blue Lagoon, then it’s time for you to admire the Crystal Cave of Svmnafellsjvkull.

Marvelous Crystal Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland 3

The Crystal Cave was created as a result of its glacier meeting the Icelandic coastline. The access in the cave is made through a 22-foot entrance at the water’s edge.

Marvelous Crystal Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland 2

The blue ice is not always visible. When a couple of layers of snow and frost cover the glacier’s surface, a good rain is needed to wash it away and buff to glistering splendor the shades of indigo and aquamarine.

The cave is part of the Skaftafell, a preservation area that has been incorporated into Vatnajokull National Park.

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